Jin Chen Tournament, Jan. 5, 2020

Seattle Go Center held the annual Jin Chen tournament on January 5, 2020. There were 41 players — 33 in the Handicap section, and 8 in the Open. Nick Wilmes, Seattle’s AGA Chapter Representative, was Tournament Director; and pizza lunch from Pudge Bros. was provided for all players, thanks to the generosity of Seattle AGA Chapter and the AGA Chapter Rewards program.

The tournament has been rated already:
Open –
Handicap –

Round 1 games at the 2020 Seattle Jin Chen Go Tournament

Youth players made a strong showing. Overall, 39% (16 out of 41) of the players were Youth, including two in the Open section — including the Open winner, Xinlei Liu 7d.

One advantage to having a relatively large field in the Handicap section is that most games were played even or at a low handicap. Out of 88 games played, all but 3 had a handicap of three stones or less.

Players who won three games:
Xinlei Liu, 7d
Chris Scribner, 1d
Alex Hu, 2k
Yulissa Wu Lu, 7k
Brian Allen, 9k
Quincy Costello, 19k

— Mike M.

Myungwan Kim, 9 Dan Pro, Nov. 30 – Dec. 6

Mr. Myungwan Kim, 9 Dan professional, is visiting Seattle this weekend and next week. After that, he’ll spend a few days in Portland, OR before returning to Korea.

Mr. Kim is here promoting a simplified form of Go called “Connect Go”, more accessible for some populations. While he’s here, he has graciously agreed to play some simultaneous games and give some lectures.

Updated Wed., December 4
Sat.Nov. 30
6-8pmLecture (with free pizza!): “Pro game analysis using AI, and the difference from human”
Sun.Dec. 1
9-11amConnect Go seminar
5pm-6pmConnect Go discussion and practice
Mon.Dec. 2
6:30-8:30pmMr. Kim guest lecturer with Nick Sibicky for the “Double Digit Kyu” lesson (with free pizza!)
Tue.Dec. 3
6:30-8:30pmConnect Go demonstration and discussion
Thu.Dec. 5
Fri.Dec. 6
1-3pmOffsite: Simuls at Lakewood Korean Baduk Club, 3822 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

Mr. Kim has long been helpful to the Go Center, to the AGA, and to American Go players. He has taught at Go Camp and the Go Congress multiple times, and taught Go players to be Go teachers, and ran a Go school in California.

Gala Night of Pair Go, Sat. Dec. 7

Seattle Go Center is pleased to present the 7th Annual Gala Night of Pair Go!

Pair Go poster
  • Register in person, 5:00 – 5:30 PM
  • $10 entry ($5 for youth 17 and younger / Go Center voting members)
  • Mixed gender two-player teams
  • Festive attire is encouraged

This is a great holiday event, with two rounds of Pair Go, cake, prizes and lots of fun.  (We expect to finish the evening around 10 PM.)  We will be following a slightly modified form of the International Pair Go rules.  Each team is to be composed of different genders (female + male, female + non-binary, or male + non-binary).  Team members may be of any age.  This is not an official Pair Go competition, and formal dress is encouraged, but not required.

24th Anniversary Tournament Report

October 6, 2019, Seattle Go Center held a Go tournament to celebrate our 24th anniversary. AGA Chapter Rep Nick Wilmes officiated with aplomb.

Forty Go players signed in to compete — including ten Youth players, younger than 18 — and the first round was delayed several minutes while AGA memberships were initiated or renewed, pairings were tweaked, and extra clocks were brought out. The players didn’t seem to mind, chatting with friends old and new.

Go players gaze seriously at their games in progress.

Seattle Go Center 24th Anniversary Tournament – Open Section

Young girls take the white stones, elder men take the black stones.

Seattle Go Center 24th Anniversary Tournament – Handicap Section

After the first games, pizza lunch from Pudge Bros. was quickly demolished by the hungry Go players and their support staff (a.k.a. families).

Go players display their winning certificates.

When the dust settled after the third round, Haichen Zhu 7 Dan had won the Open Section (and the $150 prize).

Three men discuss a table full of books about Go.
Seattle Go Center 24th Anniversary Go Tournament. Prize table for Handicap Section.

In the Handicap Section, 3-game winners were Brendan Roof 1 Dan, Lucy Lu Wang 2 Kyu, David Snow 5 Kyu, Emma Huang 12 Kyu, and Derek Wisher 14 Kyu, and they got to select a prize from a table loaded down with books about Go. Ms. Huang also won the Youth Prize.

One advantage of having such a large field of competitors is that nearly everyone had someone near their strength to play against. In the Handicap Section, all but two of the games were played at a handicap of 3 or less.

Join us at the Go Center for the next tournament, Sunday November 3. There’s no entry fee (and no prizes), and AGA membership is required. The next tournament with prizes (and entry fees) is the Jin Chen, scheduled for January 5, 2020.

–Mike M.

Code of Conduct

The Seattle Go Center Board of Directors recently approved our new Code of Conduct, so members, visitors, and managers have a common set of expectations to keep everyone feeling comfortable at the Go Center — and a clear path for voicing concerns as they arise.

Here is the full text of Seattle Go Center Code of Conduct in PDF.
Here is the American Go Association Code of Conduct, which informs behavior expectations at tournaments and other AGA events.

Fall Schedule Update

Tuesday Game

As summer fades into fall, much of our regular schedule is returning. On Mondays, Drew will teach one more class on Sept 16 (thanks Drew!), and then YouTube star Nick Sibicky will start teaching again on Sept 23 with our live audience, from 6:30-8:30.

Tuesdays were big in August, and will probably get even bigger when the UW students are back in town in late Sept. We are open 1-10 p.m.

We will be closed on Wednesdays in September. In October, we’re expecting to reboot the “Programming Computer Go A.I.” class, based on the book “Deep Learning and the Game of Go”

Thursdays are a great day for beginners. We are open for casual games 2-9 p.m., and Larry Eclipse teaches (free!) “Go for Complete Beginners” class, 6:30-8:30 PM.

On Fridays, we are open only for the UW Chanoyu (Culture of Tea) class.

Saturday is our second most popular day.  Players of all levels can find a game, and Dennis Wheeler is available to teach beginners.  Open 1-8 p.m.

Sundays we are closed, except for tournaments.

Monthly Tournaments Info

The monthly ratings tournament is usually on the first Sunday of the month (current schedule).  Registration is on-site, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM, and games begin at 11:00 AM.  There are three rounds, with 45 minutes per player plus byo-yomi overtime of five periods of 30 seconds.

If you’re running late, you can call the Go Center (206-545-1424) and the Tournament Director will pair you in. If you skip the first round, you can still play in later rounds.

Players usually eat lunch when they finish the 1st round. (We recommend bringing a lunch rather than going out to eat.) The 2nd round begins around 12:30, but it may begin sooner if players are ready. We usually finish the 3rd round between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, depending on how quickly or slowly people are finishing their games. You do not have to play all rounds — just inform the Tournament Director of your plans.

There is no special  fee for the tournament, but players must be members of the American Go Association ($30/yr. for adults, $10/yr. for youth).  You can join or renew on-line at AGA membership

Tournament players must also pay their usual attendance fee (first ten visits free), or be voting members of the Go Center (lifetime, yearly, and quarterly members).  More info on membership is here: Seattle Go Center membership

The ratings tournaments are a great opportunity to play some seriously thrilling Go in a serene setting.  Whether you want to improve your AGA rating, or just want to immerse yourself in a really good game, the ratings tournaments are for you.

Youth Tournament Sunday, March 31

  • At Seattle Go Center, 700 NE 45th St., 2nd floor
  • Starts at 1:00; finished by 4:00 (maybe earlier)
  • Kids 17 and younger (parents please stay with your children; we have comfy chairs and wi-fi)
  • Fun and wacky team Go events
    • Tag Team Go
    • ZenGo
    • Teams will be chosen at the event
  • Prizes for all participants – Go sets, books, small fun items
  • Free of charge! Register at the event

— Mike M.

Director Election Results

At the Go Center annual membership meeting, Sunday, March 24, 2019, we filled three positions on our nine member Board of Directors.  Since we had more candidates than positions, we had an election using secret ballots. 

Hikojiro (Hiko) Katsuhisa will be continuing on the Board for another three years.  Hiko is our main liason with the Nihon Ki-in, so it is great to have him continue.  A strong Go player, he also teaches Japanese.

Lucy Lu Wang will be returning soon to Seattle, and to the Board of Directors.  She has been one of our most active and effective volunteers.  In her statement she said, “As a member of the BoD, I would like to focus on growing our community, and making the Go Center a friendly, vibrant, and diverse place for all of us to do the thing we love: playing more go.”

Peter Kron, a long time Seattle Go Player, will be joining the Board for the first time.  He has helped us at outreach events for many years, and is now the lead teacher of the Go Club at Challenger Elementary, near Issaquah.  He also teaches at the McDonald Go Club, and is a math tutor.

Rick Campbell has served 6 years on the Board, but decided not run again when he saw we had enough candidates.  His advice on governance and personnel issues has always been very helpful. Rick is a regular on Tuesdays, and at Pair Go events.

David Snow completed his three year term on the Board of Directors.  He continues to be one of our most dedicated teachers, coming to almost all of our outreach events, and also helping with the Go Class at the Northwest Chinese School in Bellevue.  Thanks David!

At the Board of Directors Meeting following the Annual Meeting, the officers of the Seattle Go Center were chosen.  They are:

  • President: Anne Thompson
  • Vice President: Bill Chiles
  • Secretary: Peter Kron
  • Treasurer: Solomon Cho

We would especially like to thank Lee Anne Bowie, our outgoing President, for her service.  Lee Anne is continuing on the board, so we won’t lose her counsel.  We are pleased that our tradition of female leadership will continue with Anne Thompson, who was most recently Secretary.  She also served on the Board from 2013 – 2016.  Bill Chiles will continue as VP.  He has been very busy with committee work.  Solomon Cho will continue as Treasurer.  Thanks to Peter Kron for taking on the Secretary position, which is really important to our organization, but sometimes a lot of work.

— Brian A. / Mike M.

Membership Meeting, March 24

The Annual Membership Meeting will be Sunday, March 24, starting at 1:00 PM.

Voting members who are not coming to the meeting—please give your written proxy to a voting member who is coming, so that we can meet our quorum requirements.  This can be done with email. 

The meeting will be at the Go Center. It will include a slide show, yearly reports, election of three members of the Board of Directors, and snacks.  The meeting will last about an hour, and will be followed by a meeting of the Board of Directors. If you are not elected to the Board of Directors, you may spend the rest of the afternoon playing Go. 

The Seattle Go Center has nine Directors.  Each Director has a term of three years.  This meeting, three positions will be filled. The Directors are elected by “voting members”:  lifetime members, yearly members and quarterly members who have had a membership for at least 93 days.  Ten-visit members and new members are welcome at the meeting, but cannot vote. 

If you are interested in standing for the Board of Directors, please contact Brian Allen (Operations Manager) or Lee Anne Bowie (President of the Board of Directors).  Members of the Board of Directors do not have to be current voting members of the Go Center, although they usually are.  We have enough candidates to fill all our Board positions but we are still accepting nominations.

–Mike M.