Weekly Schedule


Open to public on
tournament days only.

Monday 6:30-8:30 PM

Nick Sibicky’s “Double Digit Kyu” class is on summer break (until Sept. 2019). Drew Barnett will fill in, July and August, with “Go Basics”.

Tuesday 1:00-10:00 PM

The largest weekly meeting of Go players in North America

Our priority is teaching beginners and intermediate players for free between 3 – 9 PM, but everybody can find a game.


Wednesday closed (summer)

“Programming Go AI” will return, probably September 2019

Wednesday 6-8 PM
Free beginner’s lessons and meet-up at Uwajimaya Seattle

Thursday 2:00-9:00 PM

Open play afternoon and evening

Instruction for Complete Beginners 6:30 – 8:30 with Larry Eclipse New students are welcome.

Thursday 5:30-8:00 PM
Free beginner’s lessons and meet-up at Hurry Curry Seattle

Friday  closed

Saturday 1:00-8:00 PM

Good day for a game for all levels — and a good day for families!   Instruction available for beginners.

Shogi games and lessons, 3rd Saturday of the month.


Monthly Tournaments Info

The monthly ratings tournament is usually on the first Sunday of the month (current schedule).  Registration is on-site, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM, and games begin at 11:00 AM.  There are three rounds, with 45 minutes per player plus byo-yomi overtime of five periods of 30 seconds.

If you’re running late, you can call the Go Center (206-545-1424) and the Tournament Director will pair you in. If you skip the first round, you can still play in later rounds.

Players usually eat lunch when they finish the 1st round. (We recommend bringing a lunch rather than going out to eat.) The 2nd round begins around 12:30, but it may begin sooner if players are ready. We usually finish the 3rd round between 4:30 and 5:30 PM, depending on how quickly or slowly people are finishing their games. You do not have to play all rounds — just inform the Tournament Director of your plans.

There is no special  fee for the tournament, but players must be members of the American Go Association ($30/yr. for adults, $10/yr. for youth).  You can join or renew on-line at USGo.org: AGA membership

Tournament players must also pay their usual attendance fee (first ten visits free), or be voting members of the Go Center (lifetime, yearly, and quarterly members).  More info on membership is here: Seattle Go Center membership

The ratings tournaments are a great opportunity to play some seriously thrilling Go in a serene setting.  Whether you want to improve your AGA rating, or just want to immerse yourself in a really good game, the ratings tournaments are for you.

Youth Tournament Sunday, March 31

  • At Seattle Go Center, 700 NE 45th St., 2nd floor
  • Starts at 1:00; finished by 4:00 (maybe earlier)
  • Kids 17 and younger (parents please stay with your children; we have comfy chairs and wi-fi)
  • Fun and wacky team Go events
    • Tag Team Go
    • ZenGo
    • Teams will be chosen at the event
  • Prizes for all participants – Go sets, books, small fun items
  • Free of charge! Register at the event

— Mike M.

Director Election Results

At the Go Center annual membership meeting, Sunday, March 24, 2019, we filled three positions on our nine member Board of Directors.  Since we had more candidates than positions, we had an election using secret ballots. 

Hikojiro (Hiko) Katsuhisa will be continuing on the Board for another three years.  Hiko is our main liason with the Nihon Ki-in, so it is great to have him continue.  A strong Go player, he also teaches Japanese.

Lucy Lu Wang will be returning soon to Seattle, and to the Board of Directors.  She has been one of our most active and effective volunteers.  In her statement she said, “As a member of the BoD, I would like to focus on growing our community, and making the Go Center a friendly, vibrant, and diverse place for all of us to do the thing we love: playing more go.”

Peter Kron, a long time Seattle Go Player, will be joining the Board for the first time.  He has helped us at outreach events for many years, and is now the lead teacher of the Go Club at Challenger Elementary, near Issaquah.  He also teaches at the McDonald Go Club, and is a math tutor.

Rick Campbell has served 6 years on the Board, but decided not run again when he saw we had enough candidates.  His advice on governance and personnel issues has always been very helpful. Rick is a regular on Tuesdays, and at Pair Go events.

David Snow completed his three year term on the Board of Directors.  He continues to be one of our most dedicated teachers, coming to almost all of our outreach events, and also helping with the Go Class at the Northwest Chinese School in Bellevue.  Thanks David!

At the Board of Directors Meeting following the Annual Meeting, the officers of the Seattle Go Center were chosen.  They are:

  • President: Anne Thompson
  • Vice President: Bill Chiles
  • Secretary: Peter Kron
  • Treasurer: Solomon Cho

We would especially like to thank Lee Anne Bowie, our outgoing President, for her service.  Lee Anne is continuing on the board, so we won’t lose her counsel.  We are pleased that our tradition of female leadership will continue with Anne Thompson, who was most recently Secretary.  She also served on the Board from 2013 – 2016.  Bill Chiles will continue as VP.  He has been very busy with committee work.  Solomon Cho will continue as Treasurer.  Thanks to Peter Kron for taking on the Secretary position, which is really important to our organization, but sometimes a lot of work.

— Brian A. / Mike M.

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