Weekly Schedule

The Go Center is closed during the COVID-19 precautionsMeanwhile, please join us to play, chat, teach & learn, or review on KGS, OGS, and Discord! 

Monday 9am-12pm

The Zoka Coffee crew meets up for games and socializing in the Seattle Go Center room on KGS

Tuesdays 6:30 p.m.

Go players meet on Zoom to arrange games on KGS and OGS.   We will be using this zoom link.

Computer monitor displays game of Go / Baduk / Weiqi

Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Jonathan Cheng’s Zoom class has ended.  But you can check out his previous lectures on Youtube.

Wednesday 5pm-8pm
South Sound Go Club meets on Discord and OGS

Thursday 5pm-8pm.

Lessons for New Players will be hosted on Zoom using OGS to help new players learn the game.   We will be using this zoom link.

Friday 9am-12pm

The Zoka Coffee crew meets up for games and socializing in the Seattle Go Center room on KGS

Saturday 6pm-9pm

Games + Study on Discord

Sunday 3pm-6pm

South Sound Go Club meets on Discord and OGS


All Lessons Are Still Being Taught Remotely

We are still closed to the public due COVID-19 precautions. However, we have several online opportunities for you. Our Tuesday evening meetup on Zoom is a good place to find a game, no matter what your level. And on Saturdays, a group meets on Discord. We can also arrange lessons with private instructors, for a fee. Here, Cullen Mott teaches a student remotely in March of 2019. For more information about our Paid Private Instruction, contact our Program Manager Kyle .

New Program Manager Kyle Burg

We are pleased to announce that Kyle Burg is our new Program Manager.  Kyle has been our lead volunteer at Uwajimaya (taking over from Dennis Wheeler) until COVID precautions shut that down.  He has been an enthusiastic teacher at many outreach events, including Cherry Blossom, Sakura Con, U District Street Fair, and Bon Odori. He also has an extensive background in software engineering.  Kyle will have responsibility for outreach events and school Go clubs when they become possible again, and for classes, lessons and tournaments at the Go Center, when we reopen.  In the meantime, he will be helping with our online events, website, and social media.  Welcome Kyle!

We are hiring a Program Manager

The Seattle Go Center is looking for a part time Program Manager, who can work up to 50 hours a month. If you are interested in the position, we would be glad to send you more info.
Sadly, SGC is shuttered now due to COVID, so this role is limited to on-line events until the SGC and Seattle return to some sort of normalcy with an open Go Center and visits to school clubs, community centers, street fairs, and ethnic festivals.

Bon Odori Outreach

The Program Manager will have use of a desk and computer in the Go Center office, but almost all the work can be done remotely while we are under COVID restrictions. For more detail on the position, please contact manager@seattlego.org.
We will take applications at least until March 1, 2021.

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