Spring Tournament Winners and Thanks

I love to thank all those who could attend this years Spring Tournament. In total, we had 20 players in our tournament.

A Special Congratulations to our wins,

Open 1st: Kenny Jin

Open 2nd: Yichun Kong

Upper Bracket Winners: Meghan Hyland, Michael Thomas, Thomas Gehrt (missing in the photo)

Lower Bracket Winners: Panya Cogburn, Jacques Trepanier

Thank you all for coming and I hope to see even more of you at the next tournament.

May Spring Tournament

This May 26th (Sunday), We are hosting our Spring Tournament. We will have both and open (all even games) and handicap tournament. The open being our 4-8 strongest players facing off in even game for prize money of $150 for first place and $75 for second. The handicap tournament will have $50 prize for strongest band winner of 3 games, and $25 for the lower band winner of 3 games.  There is a youth prize of $25 to the youth winner of 3 games or the youth who won the most games.


9:00am-9:45am (an hour earlier than monthly ratings)

The Entrance fees:

$20 for non-voting members

$10 for voting members

$10 for youth under 18 (entrance fees will be paid by the AGF)

Make sure your AGA membership is up to day a head of time.

New Lecture Class For DDK and SDK

Starting this January 24, Drew Barnett is hosting a weekly class aimed at helping DDK and mid SDK deepen there understanding of the game. The class will be every Wednesday from 6:00pm-8:00pm and will focus primarily on game reviews, with an emphasis on fuseki analysis, tsumego problems, and fighting strategies. There will be homework assignments for those who wish to push themselves harder.

Please come by and participate, should be fun and good learning.  Drew is looking forward to improving along with folks who join in.

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Monday 9am-12pm 

The Zoka group meets to play Go out in public at Zoka Coffee (Green Lake):
2200 N 56th St #6204, Seattle, WA 


Columbia City meetup is at Bananas Grill 5-8pm:
4556 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #2151, Seattle, WA

Tuesday  3pm-9pm

SGC open hours for general Go playing and teaching

Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Drew’s DDK/SDK Class

Wednesday 5pm

South Sound Go Club meets on Discord and OGS

Wednesday 5pm

South Sound Go Club meets on Discord and OGS

Wednesday 7pm

SGC meetup at Stoup Brewing Capitol Hill hosted by Daivd.

Saturday 1pm-6pm

SGC open hours for general Go playing and teaching


Seattle Shogi also meets at this time

Saturday 2pm-5pm

SGC meetup hosted by Jay/Emma at Crossroads Mall food court near the library.

Sunday Online 3pm-6pm

  South Sound Go Club meets on Discord and OGS

First Sunday of Month

SGC monthly ratings tournament.  Please have a valid AGA membership in advance.  Registration is from 10:00am – 10:45am, first game starts at 11:00am, and third round starts at 3:30pm

Spring Tournament May 26th Sunday

Registration: 9:00am-9:45am.  Game one: 10am