Monthly Ratings Tournament

This is a great way to play some intense Go face to face with 3 rounds, and Japanese rules. The tournament is free, but you need to pay for your visit to the Go Center, or be a voting member of the Go Center, or be a “new member” which gives you ten free visits.

Our Monthly Ratings Tournaments are usually held on the first Sunday of the month.  Please check our Events Calendar for the current schedule.

Registration is from 10:00am – 10:45am sharp. Make sure you are a registered AGA member ahead of time. You can call (206) 545-1424 if you have any questions.

First round starts at 11:00 am. Second round starts by 1:30, but may start sooner. If your first game runs long, you do not have much time for lunch. We recommend that if you bring food, make sure its something you can eat outside.

AGA membership is required; please check to see if your membership is current, and try to renew it online if it needs to be updated. More info on membership is at You can join the AGA or renew in person at the Go Center as well, but please come early to do that.

You do not have play all three rounds – just be sure to tell the Tournament Director what your plans are.