Many of our classes are posted on YouTube

Our Monday night Double Digit Kyu Class (DDK), with Nick Sibicky, is available here:

Our old Single Digit Kyu Class (SDK), taught on Wednesdays by Andrew Jackson, is available here:

Johnathan Cheng, our current SDK class teacher, posts some of his lessons here:


Here are the links to our favorite websites:

First, our own youtube channel, however light that it is:

The American Go Association (AGA) has a large and active website that we highly recommend.  You can subscribe here to the  “AGA e-journal”, which has daily and weekly editions.  They also have links to many other go resources.  It is at:

The AGA has a good page on learning go online:

the AGA also has a YouTube page for videos of games and instruction:

Tiger’s Mouth is a site designed for children who want to play Go:

The American Go Foundation supports Go education, including grants and resources for teachers:

The Nihon Ki-in Japan website has Go news, information, instruction and downloads.   Here is their website for English speakers:

Our neighbor to the south, the South Sound Go Club, has a website:

Life in 19×19 has some of the most active forums about Go.  They also have a pro game database:


Go Servers

The “Online Go Server”, also known as OGS has been gaining popularity.  We have a group on OGS.

The Keseido Go Server (KGS)  allows you to play games online with other players, or with computers.

We’ve got our own club room on KGS. There you can play Go, chat, and network online with other players in the Seattle area. Did you meet somebody at a recent tournament or pro lecture and you’d like to play them again online? Meet them in the Seattle Go Center room on KGS.

Not familiar with how rooms work on KGS? Simply log in, click on the Rooms menu and select Room List. Next click on Clubs and find the room called, “Seattle Go Center” Click on this room and then click on Join. You are now all set. You will now have a Seattle Go Center tab in your main KGS window, and clicking on this tab will take you into the Seattle Go Center club room.

The Pandanet – Internet Go Server, formerly known as the Internet Go Server (IGS) is another way to play Go online.  They are currently sponsoring an internet based tournament called the “Pandanet-AGA City League”.  Seattle has teams in this league:

Tygem offers another way to play Go online.  They sponsored a major national  tournament in 2012, the “AGA-TYGEMGO Pro Tournament”.  They started as a Korean network, but now they also have an English portal.  There are many strong players on Tygem:

You can choose go problems to match your skill level at:


Our Teachers’ Sites

Recordings of our Monday night class with Nick Sibicky are available on Youtube.  There are over 200 lectures in English available, and they are watched worldwide.  Nick is also a game designer, and a music composer.

Andrew Jackson, one of our teachers, also is recording his lectures for single digit kyu players.  He also posts to the AGA YouTube website.

Peter Nelson, who taught the Single Digit Kyu Players class (SDK class), has also posted game analysis on YouTube.

Frank Lam, our  former Thursday evening instructor, has a beginner’s tutorial and other resources posted on his website:

The Other Iwamoto Centers

Our benefactor, Iwamoto Kaoru 9P, also founded Go Centers in Holland, Brazil and New York.

The European Go Cultural Center in the Netherlands:

The Sao Paulo Center in Brazil has an active Facebook page — — but not an active website.  Here is some older information:

The New York Go Center, also begun with assistance from Iwamoto sensei, was active 1995-2010.

The “National” Go Center opened in Washington, DC.  in 2017.  It is funded by the Iwamoto North American Foundation.

Iwamoto Sensei also helped the London Go Center, which was active 1975-1978.