AGA Chapter

The American Go Association (AGA), our national organization, has a local chapter which is called the “Seattle AGA Chapter”.  This chapter is distinct from the nonprofit that manages the Seattle Go Center, but many go players are members of both groups.  Being a member of the AGA has many benefits, including access to an enhanced version of the AGA E-Journal (the best English language source for the latest global go news, reviews and more).   The AGA maintain a national ratings system, and and Go players must be members of the AGA to play in rated tournaments.

The Seattle AGA Chapter sponsored the August 2005 AGA Go Congress at Pacific Lutheran University along with the Tacoma Go Chapter.  They also sponsored the 2013 AGA Go Congress, which had about 400 attendees.  This was a very big deal, and the Seattle AGA Chapter provided about 10 hardworking volunteers for the 9 day event.  They also provided crucial volunteers for the 2015 Congress in New York City.

An AGA Chapter also helps choose the leadership of the American Go Association.  The Chapter votes as a group in the elections for the two western regional board members.  There are a total of 7 AGA Board members.  The Chapter also selects a representative whom the AGA contacts now and then, such as for voting.  The representative is also in charge of the Seattle AGA Chapter budget.  The current Chapter Rep is Kyle Burg.  You can contact Kyle at this email address.