Seattle Go Center is temporarily located at Phinney Community Center.

There are 7 steps to go up, so if you need help entering the space, please contact us before you arrive so that we can plan to assist you on the stairs.

The 5 Line and E Line buses go by here every 15-20 minutes.

There are two large parking lots, accessed from N 67th St, between Phinney AV N and Dayton AV N. The lot next to the Brick Building is closer and much bigger. Note, sometimes the Blue Building lot, which is closer to Phinney AV N, is closed for events, such as the Phinney Farmer’s Market.

Our entrance is in the SE corner of the campus and the Brick Building. Searching for “Seattle Go Center” shows a pin at our doorway as shown in the image. If you need to use an address to find us,, we’re the only brick building at the corner of Dayton AV N and N 66th St.

From the parking lots or the 5 Line bus stop, go east through the Brick Building (lower, eastern building) by going down the stairs or elevator. Exit the Brick Building, turn right, and walk to the corner doorway for the building. From the 5 Line bus, there is a lighted stairway that goes from Phinney Av N down to Dayton Av N and directly to the SGC doorway. You can see the steps as a path or tiny road at the bottom of the campus in the image above. This stairway also accesses the Brick Building’s parking lot and the overflow parking lot (also next to the Brick Building). Please note, just below the Blue Building is a children’s gate, and you need to lift that little black knob in the upper left area of the picture and pull the gate toward you.