About the Seattle Go Center

The Seattle Go Center teaches and promotes the Asian game of Go. This 4000 year old strategy board game continues to fascinate players around the world.  Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru Sensei created The Seattle Go Center (SGC) in 1995, purchasing a property in the University District . We are very grateful for the generosity of a Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru and the Nihon Ki-in (the Japanese Go Association to whom Iwamoto Sensei bequeathed SGC).  

In 2022, the Nihon KI-in sold the property to a business partner who planned to build a high rise and give SGC a floor as part of the deal. Unfortunately, due to circumstances in the world and economic issues in America, the business partner reneged on the contract and never broke ground, eventually evicting SGC from the property. We are temporarily operating from a nice space in the very popular Phinney Community Center (see the Directions link in the top nav bar). There will be a settlement to the contract in a few years, and SGC will be able to buy a permanent place to call home.

The Seattle Go Center is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity.  It is organized as nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Washington.

Featuring a Japanese style tatami room (again, when we purchases a permanent place) and a larger playing room with display boards for teaching, SGC provides a nice space for studying and playing Go.  The Center also has a reference library .  SGC offers several beginners’ books and equipment for sale for convenience.

Bill Chiles, Solomon Choe, Leslie Crawford,  John Hogan, Chris Kirschner, Peter Kron, Oren Laskin, Chris Wells, Zhihong Yao

Bill Chiles

Vice President:
Leslie Crawford

Zhihong Yao

Peter Kron

Directors Emeriti:
Frank Fukuda
Lee Anne Bowie

River Leonard, Operations Manager
Kyle Burg, Programs Manager

Code of Conduct:
Members, visitors, and managers agree to abide by the common expectations in the Seattle Go Center Code of Conduct (PDF), with a clear path for voicing concerns as they arise.  In addition, the American Go Association Code of Conduct informs behavior expectations at tournaments and other AGA events.

Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, 990s, and other formal policies from the board:
All of these are publicly available upon request, please send mail to manager@seattlego.org.