Paid Instruction

Paid Private Instruction

Paid private Go lessons are available at the Seattle Go Center. We will continue our programs of free group lessons on other days, and several folks volunteer on Tuesdays and Saturdays to teach and review games. Our teachers are qualified for the levels they teach.

Meet the Instructors

Chris Wells

Man sitting at goban in room with tatami flooring

Chris Wells is available to teach players age 13 and older, from beginner up to 8 kyu. He has taught at Seattle Go Center and at the Empty Sky Go Club in Rochester, NY. “I enjoy teaching Go, and particularly watching the same student get stronger over multiple games, with the most satisfying moments being when they employ a trick, or avoid a trap, that I had taught them about previously.”

Rank: 1 Dan

Rates: $30 for 1-hr lessons at SGC, $25-40/week for online instruction over OGS and Zoom/Discord

Miles Crawford

Miles Crawford enjoys teaching and playing at the Seattle Go Center and in more casual meet-ups at the bar or cafe. He’s excited to help players reach the SDK level through lessons, teaching games, game reviews, and suggestions for independent study.
Rank: 4 Kyu

Rates: $25 per hour, available for in person or online lessons.

Justin Steece

Justin first learned go when he was in the military in 2016 while at his AIT naturally being a japanophile he was drawn to the game. He first started teaching the game when he lived in china to younger children whom he was teaching English to as a way of connecting with those students. Justin believe anything you want to do you can achieve given enough time and effort, and go being a game of infinite possibilities helps him express that. Believing in your own abilities helps in all aspects of life.
While Justin have no age range he cannot teach. he prefer preteens- adults since they can sit down and tell him their thought processes behind their moves.

Rank: 4 Kyu

Rates: $25/hr

David Glekel

David Glekel (3 Dan) is an experienced go teacher who has taught both children and adults in individual and group lessons. He has taught at the Osaka Go Camp, the New York Go Center and New York Institute of Go. In his lessons, he emphasizes playing towards your own strengths and avoiding rote memorization in favor of a more intuitive and shape-based approach.

Rank: 3 Dan

Rates: $40/hour for individual and $25 per person for 2 hour workshop

Terms and Conditions

The instructors establish the fees for their instruction, but the minimum charge is $25/hr. You can pay directly to the Seattle Go Center by check, cash, or through Paypal (button below).

Parents (or guardians) of children under 18 having lessons must be present with their child during the lesson.

If you are interested in private Go lessons, please contact the Operations Manager or Programs Manager.

You Can Pay For Your Lessons With Paypal

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