Top Players Tournament March 3 Results

On Sunday, March 3, the Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament had a second day of games. The round robin tournament uses reverse komi to match players with different ratings.  At this point, no one is undefeated. You can click to the results here. The next session will be April 7, starting at noon, at the Seattle Go Center.  The Monthly AGA Ratings Tournament, which is open to players of all strengths, will also be held on the same day, with registration from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. [ Read more… ]

Top Players Tournament Results

The first day results of the Seattle Top Go Players round robin tournament are posted here. The tournament will continue on March 3, the same day as our next Monthly Ratings Tournament.

시애틀 바둑 최강자전

(Korean version of Top Go Player’s Tournament information.  English version below.)


시애틀 바둑 회관에서 열리고 있는 바둑대회중 특히 고단자들을 위한 대회 하나를 소개하고자 합니다. 참가자격은 미국 아마츄어 단위로 4단 이상이며 참가비는 50불입니다. 참가하는 모든 분이 번갈아 가며 한번씩 두는 데  10명이 대회에 참가하면 9판을 두시게 됩니다. 매달 첫번째 일요일 12시에 대회가 있고 하루에  한 분이 보통 3판을 두기 때문에 전체 대회를 소화하는데 3개월이 걸립니다.

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Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament

The Seattle Go Center has announced the “Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament”, which will start on Sunday, Feb. 3.

This is a round robin tournament for players 4 dan and stronger, which will meet on the same days as our Monthly Ratings Tournament.  All games will start with an empty board — we will use komi and reverse komi to adjust for differences in strength. There are three cash prizes and a trophy.  [ Read more… ]

Sunday Intensive Classes at 2:00

This Winter, we are pleased to continue our Intensive Classes on most Sundays when we do not have tournaments.  Running from 2-4 p.m.,this is the most advanced class that we offer. It is recommended for single digit kyu players, and for dan level players. The Instructors are Jon Boley 6d, and Edward Kim 7d, and the fee is $20.  The class schedule is in the events calendar.

First Place Tie at Jin Chen Memorial Tournament

Edward Kim 7d and Ho Son 7d shared the first place honors for the open section of the 3rd Jin Chen Memorial Tournament, held Jan. 6, 2013.  They were both undefeated.  Second place went to guest Xingshuo Liu 7d, who is a law student at Indiana University. The tournament attracted 32 players, with five 7-dans and three 6-dans in the open section. [ Read more… ]

New Lease and Management Agreement with Nihon Ki-in

The Board of Directors of the Seattle Go Center is pleased to announce that we have signed a new agreement with the Nihon Ki-in, providing for our continued management and occupancy of the Iwamoto Building in support of our mission to promote the game of Go and encourage cultural exchange in the spirit of Iwamoto-sensei.  The lease term runs through 2016, with the Go Center having the option to renew through 2021. The official documents were recorded in Seattle this morning, Dec. 21, 2012. [ Read more… ]

Jon’s Classes start Sunday Oct. 14

We are very excited to start our intensive Sunday teaching schedule with Jon Boley 6d at the Seattle Go Center this Sunday, Oct. 14!   Scott Arnold 2d will be assisting the morning youth classes, and Edward Kim 7d will teach some afternoon classes. [ Read more… ]