Nick Sibicky Returns

Nick Sibicky

Nick Sibicky will start up the Double Digit Kyu Players Class (DDK) on Monday, September 29, at 6:30.  The class is open to anybody who can finish a 19×19 game.  The class is free, and your first 10 visits to the Go Center are also free.

Nick tapes his lectures and posts them on    He has 79 lectures posted now,  and has gathered a world-wide following.  We have gotten donations from Austria, and visitors from Los Angeles, in response to his lectures.

This class was started for players in the 25 kyu to 10 kyu range, but stronger players have certainly benefited from these lectures as well.  Dan Top will be the alternate teacher when Nick is not available.  Dan and Nick play a game in youtube lecture #79.

This completes our Fall class lineup.  Our Beginner’s Class is on Thursdays, the DDK class is on Mondays, and the more advanced SDK class is on Wednesdays.  You can also find informal instruction on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  We hope to see you soon!