May Spring Tournament

This May 26th (Sunday), We are hosting our Spring Tournament. We will have both and open (all even games) and handicap tournament. The open being our 4-8 strongest players facing off in even game for prize money of $150 for first place and $75 for second. The handicap tournament will have $50 prize for strongest band winner of 3 games, and $25 for the lower band winner of 3 games.  There is a youth prize of $25 to the youth winner of 3 games or the youth who won the most games.


9:00am-9:45am (an hour earlier than monthly ratings)

The Entrance fees:

$20 for non-voting members

$10 for voting members

$10 for youth under 18 (entrance fees will be paid by the AGF)

Make sure your AGA membership is up to day a head of time.