Upcoming Anniversary Tournament

November 5th, We will be hosting our Anniversary Tournament.

We will have both and open (all even games) and handicap tournament. The open tournament is for the 8 strongest players and will have a cash prize of $150 for the player winning 3 games.  Our handicap tournament will also have some cash prizes for those who win 3 games (or divided over those who win 2 games if no one wins 3).  There is also our usual kids prize of $25 for the person under 18 years old who wins the most games (playing with a higher ranks break ties).  We will provide pizza for lunch, see below.

Tournament Info


Registration: 9:00am – 9:45am sharp (NOTE: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ends this day at 2am when we turn clocks back one hour)

First Game: 10:00 am. Second Game: 1pm.  Third Game: 3pm.

Rounds: 3

Entry Fee: $20 for non-voting members, $10 for voting members. Free if under 18 years old.

Time Controls:  45 minutes, 5 periods 30 second byomi

Rule set: Japanese counting, AGA guidelines (Like the monthly)


We will provide free pizza for lunch.  A big thanks to the AGA for helping provide pizza for our tournament.  We will count how many slices people want before the first round (cheese or pepperoni), and we will have the pizza delivered around noon.

To learn more email