Seattle Go Center Re-openingĀ 

we have just confirmed we are moving to Phinney Community Center, and we are re-opening 12 SEP, Tue, for normal hours.  We will also be open 16 SEP, Sat, for normal hours.  We are still working out the status of the Wed class, and we are still looking at bringing back Kids Time and Women+ Night in OCT (please send feedback if you have a desire for those programs fall through spring time).

Please note, use this address for google maps, 6611 Dayton Av N, because the official PNA address is off due to the size of their campus.  Also, there is free parking in both parking lots of PNA.  The 5 Line and E Line buses run frequently near PNA.  We will also have some yellow sandwich signs out in the parking lots that will direct you to our new entrance.  I’ve also tried to declare a pin for google maps at our new entrance.

This coming week is a bit of a soft opening and getting our legs back, but stay tuned for a site warming party and possibly a lightning tournament or something fun once we settle in and unpack.