Thanksgiving Week Hours

We have a few changes at the Go Center this week to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • – Open as usual Monday (6:30-8:30 PM) and Tuesday (1:00-10:00 PM).
  • – Open a little later Wednesday (6:30-9:00 this week), and Drew Barnett’s “Basics” class is canceled this week. (Larry Eclipse will cover for Drew.)
  • – Closed Thursday (which is Thanksgiving).
  • – Closed as usual Friday.
  • – Regular hours Saturday (Michael Brown will cover for Dennis Wheeler).

As of Monday evening, I don’t yet have a full picture of our outreach locations. I will update this when I have more info. For now:

  • – Wednesday Uwajimaya Go meetup is canceled ahead of Thanksgiving.
  • – Thursday Go meetup at Hurry Curry is canceled, because the restaurant is closed for Thanksgiving.
  • – Thursday Go meetup at Couth Buzzard is canceled, because they are closed for Thanksgiving.
  • – Zoka Coffee / Greenlake will be open, and at least one or two Go players will be meeting there, 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon. (They’re closing early — 1:00 PM.)

–Mike M.