16 Players at Children’s Tournament

Players in the 19x19 Tournament

Players in the 19×19 Tournament

The Spring Children’s Tournament had sections for 19×19 games, and for 13×13 games.  All of the 19×19 players were students of Sonny Cho, mostly from his class at the Northwest Chinese School in Bellevue.  The four 13×13 players were from the McDonald International School Go Club, and from the Saturday players at the Seattle Go Center. 

Children's Trophies with four languages

Children’s Trophies with four languages

There were trophies and medals for the top players, and everybody got to choose a book prize.  We will have another Children’s Tournament in September of 2017.  Children are also welcome at our regular tournaments, if they can tolerate our long game times (45 minutes to a side).  There is $50 Children’s prize at the big Spring Tournament, which will be held May 7.