Watch Party for Game 2 on Wednesday Night, March 9

The Seattle Go Center will be open late on Wednesday to watch the 2nd game of the Lee Sedol – AlphaGo “Human vs. Machine” five game match.

Go Center members finishing a game on a traditional goban as Tuesday AlphaGo game starts up.

Finishing a Go game on a traditional goban as the Tuesday AlphaGo game starts up.

The Center will be open by 6:30 pm, and the game will be shown by video projector starting at 8 pm.  On Tuesday, March 8, there were about 60 people watching the first game, which was won by the Google AlphaGo program when Lee Sedol resigned around 11:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

The game will also be broadcast on two YouTube channels.   The Google Deepmind YouTube Channel will have commentary intended for a general audience by Go professional Michael Redmond.  Redmond grew up in California, but lives in Japan, where he is a top ranked player with the Japan Go Association (Nihon Ki-in). The American Go Association YouTube Channel will have deeper analysis for Go players by Korean pro Myung Wan Kim 9P, and Seattle Go Center Instructor Andrew Jackson 4d.