Lee Sedol aka “John Henry” vs. Google AlphaGo

The first game between the Alphabet (Google Deepmind) AlphaGo Program and Lee Sedol 9P will happen in Korea on March 9; that will be Tuesday, March 8 Seattle time. We plan to watch it at the Go Center with our video projector. The game starts at 8 p.m., and is expected to run 4 or 5 hours. Dennis Wheeler will be the host.

We did something similar for the Jubango between Lee Sedol and Gu Li in 2014, although those games were longer. It was great fun. You can also play casual games at the same time.

Lee Sedol 9P, winner of the Jubango, and representing the human race, is confident that he can beat the version of AlphaGo that beat the 2 dan pro Fan Hui in October of last year. The big question is: how much has AlphaGo, which uses artificial intelligence methods, improved since then?

Here is the Harry Belafonte version of “John Henry”.
There will be a total of five games over a period of a week.  We plan to watch all of them.  Please check our events calendar for the dates.

Following Lee Sedol's Jubango Game 1 in 2014

Following Lee Sedol’s Jubango Game 1 in 2014