Single Digit Kyu Class Starts Up Again

SDK Class Go Problem 4 kyu

On Wednesday Sept. 2, at 7:00 p.m., Andrew Jackson’s Single Digit Kyu  (SDK) Class will start up for the fall.  The class is free, and your first 10 visits to the Go Center are also free.  Regular attendance is encouraged but not required for this class.

Andrew wrote his students, “It’s not too late to hit our Go goals for 2015! I’ve found a whole bunch of great problems right at the 3k-8k level that I’m excited for us to work on over the coming weeks — doing problems is one of the best ways to improve!

This week, we’ll be starting again by talking about skill levels, and what separates a 10k from a 5k from a 1d from a 7d — and how that can help our study! I’ll also give some cliffs-notes from the congress and the recent workshops at SGC :)

For the upcoming weeks, we’ll do two weeks of overview, there’ll be no class on September 16th, and then classes will continue through October without interruption. And of course, there’ll be lots and lots of problems and things to work on :D Hope to see you there!