Late Summer Training Camp in Tokyo

Nihon Ki-in Summer Camp LectureThe Nihon Ki-in has organized another excellent “Training Camp” in Tokyo.  The full event runs from August 21 – Sept. 3, but you may also select week-long sessions as well.  Instructors include Michael Redmond, Ishida Yoshio,  and Feng Shiung (“Kuma”).  We really enjoyed Kuma Sensei’s visit to the Seattle Go Center last November.  Oren L. went to last year’s camp, and wishes he could do it again this year.  He reports that Ishida Yoshio is a great lecturer, as well as a great player.  “This year they will also be at the opening ceremony for a Meijin match and make a visit to the Hon Dojo in Tokyo.”  There is more information on the Nihon Ki-in webpage,  and there is also a flyer for the event.  More photos are here.