Paid Private Instruction Expands

Paid private Go lessons are now available at the Seattle Go Center on Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sundays.  We will continue our extensive program of free group lessons on other days.  Private lessons are great if you want to commit to an individualized program of instruction.  Our teachers are well qualified for the levels they teach, and they are committed to finding effective ways to improve your game.

Jon Boley 5d will continue teaching students at all levels and all ages two Sundays a month.  (Jon travels from Bellingham to give these lessons.)  Peter Nelson 5d is now available to teach single digit kyu players and low dan players on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.  He prefers students who are junior high school age or older.  You can see his “Go personality” in these youtubes. John Richards 7k specializes in teaching children (age 5 – 10), but he is available to all ages who are beginners or double digit kyu players on Tuesdays before 1 pm, and Saturdays.  Larry Eclipse 6k is available to teach beginners up to double digit kyu players of all ages on Fridays and Saturdays.  He may also be available on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

The instructors will be establishing the fees for their instruction, but the minimum charge is $20/hr.  The Go Center will be not be open to the public during private instruction times. Parents (or guardians) of children under 16 having lessons at the Go Center must stay with their child during the lesson, unless there are two other adults present during the lesson. (Yes, we have wi-fi and a couch.)   If you are interested in private Go lessons, you may contact the instructors directly, or you may contact the General Manager, Brian Allen, at 206 632-1122, or by email.