Eastside Meet-up Thursday Evenings

We are going to try a regular meet-up for playing Go at the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue on Thursdays from 5:30-8:00 pm for the next 6 weeks, starting Feb. 20.   We will meet in the Game Lane, inside the Crossroads common area, in front of Uncle’s Games and the KCLS Library (near the giant chess board).  Brian Allen will be there for the first two weeks, and we will provide equipment.  Go Center volunteer Thane W. will be there on a regular basis.

In the past year, we have gotten six inquiries from people looking to play Go on the Eastside. At present, we do not know of any other regular Go events on the Eastside, except for Sonny Cho’s Friday evening children’s class at Tyee Middle School, which is organized through the United Seattle Bellevue Korean School.  We hope that Eastside players will find Crossroads convenient, and that we can establish a regular time and place to play Go on the Eastside.