Pros Visiting in August

We have some excellent events coming up. Maeda Ryo 6p from the Kansai Ki-in will be visiting us on Thursday afternoon, Aug 1, for simultaneous games, and on Friday evening, Aug. 2 for a lecture. ($15 general admission, $10 for youth and voting members).  Maeda-sensei is one of our favorite instructors for kyu players.

The U.S. Go Congress will meet in Tacoma at Pacific Lutheran University from Saturday, Aug. 3 to Saturday Aug. 10.  There will be 22 professional Go players from around the world participating in this event.  The Go Center will be open only on Tuesday, Aug. 6, during this week, since most of our staff and instructors will be at the Go Congress.  It is possible to get day passes to the Go Congress for $60.  Go Congress Site

After Go Congress, Kansai Ki-in pro Chihiro Chujo will give a lecture suitable for kyu players on Monday evening at 6:30 Aug. 12, and play simultaneous games at 3:00 p.m., Aug. 13.

The famous Masaki Takemiya 9p from the Nihon Ki-in will playing simultaneous games with strong players  in the evening on Tuesday Aug. 13, and  will give a lectures for strong players in the evening of Aug. 14, and for intermediate players in the evening of Aug. 15.

Please check our calendar on this website for the latest schedules: events calendar