Free Beginner Classes start April 4 – Thursday

We are pleased to offer two free Thursday evening classes starting April 4. “Real Beginners 1” and “Real Beginners 2” will both meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Go Center, alternating lectures and practice games, and run for 7 weeks.

Jon Friedman will be teaching “Real Beginners 1”.  This class is for students who want to start learning the game of Go from the beginning.

Frank Lam will teach “Real Beginners 2”, continuing with many of his students from the previous “Real Beginners 1” class. 

When students finish “Real Beginners 2”, they should be ready for Nick Sibicky’s Monday Night class: “Double Digit Kyu Players”.

Both Thursday classes are free.  Once students have used up their first (free) ten visit card, they need to pay for their visits to the Go Center, or pay for a voting membership (quarterly, yearly or lifetime).  Students planning to take the Thursday classes should send an email to confirm that they are coming to the instructor, or to me at