Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament

The Seattle Go Center has announced the “Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament”, which will start on Sunday, Feb. 3.

This is a round robin tournament for players 4 dan and stronger, which will meet on the same days as our Monthly Ratings Tournament.  All games will start with an empty board — we will use komi and reverse komi to adjust for differences in strength. There are three cash prizes and a trophy.  The fee is $50 for the tournament, which will probably take 3 Sundays to finish.  Players who are not voting members of the Go Center will also need to pay an additional $3.50 a visit. Tournament Director will be Sung-Chul Cho (Sonny Cho).

This kind of tournament is very popular in Korea, and the Korean name for our tournament is 시애틀 바둑 최강자전 .  This tournament is not AGA – rated, so players do not have to be AGA members. However, if two AGA members play each other, they can submit the game to the AGA as a self-paired game, if they want.