New Lease and Management Agreement with Nihon Ki-in

The Board of Directors of the Seattle Go Center is pleased to announce that we have signed a new agreement with the Nihon Ki-in, providing for our continued management and occupancy of the Iwamoto Building in support of our mission to promote the game of Go and encourage cultural exchange in the spirit of Iwamoto-sensei.  The lease term runs through 2016, with the Go Center having the option to renew through 2021. The official documents were recorded in Seattle this morning, Dec. 21, 2012. To a large extent, this new agreement simply formalizes the understanding the two organizations have always had, and ensures that misunderstandings will not occur in the future.

On behalf of the entire Seattle Go Center community, the Directors express heart-felt thanks to the Nihon Ki-in, and particularly to President Norio Wada.  This agreement, which not only formally extends  the relationship between our two organizations, but reaffirms our ties to one another, was only made possible by the vision and leadership the Nihon Ki-in provided throughout this process.

The Seattle Go Center remains deeply grateful to the Nihon Ki-in for its support, generosity, and guidance since the Seattle Go Center’s inception in 1994.  We will strive to justify their faith in us, now and far into the future.