Finding Go Equipment and Books in Seattle

Our little store at the Go Center is ready for a wide range of holiday gift giving. We now have three kinds of full sized boards: shin kaya (spruce), bamboo and painted. We have full sized glass stones (8.5 mm thick) and school club sized (6.5 mm thick). We have two sizes of magnetic boards, which are great as starter sets. We also have the full range of “Graded Go Problems” by Kano Yoshinori and all 5 “Learn to Play Go” books by Janice Kim. In addition, we have a great stocking stuffer, available only at the Go Center – our logo patch! We accept cash and checks; you can also use Paypal if your portable device connects to the web.

Other Retailers —

We view our store as a convenience to our members, not as a big profit center, so we are not offended if you buy your equipment elsewhere.

Shiga’s Imports in the University District of Seattle, next door to the University Bookstore, often has good equipment, including slotted and folding boards.

Uwajimaya in the International District of Seattle has some economical equipment – just watch out for boards with tiny stones.

And the huge H Mart Korean Grocery Stores in Federal Way and Lynnwood often have basic sets at good prices.