Visiting Pros from Nihon Ki-in

We are pleased to announce that two professional Go players will be visiting the Seattle Go Center the weekend of our anniversary party.  Mr. Hiroshi Yamashiro 9p and Ms. Hiroko Shinkai 5p will be visiting from Thursday, September 13, until Sunday, Sept. Sept. 16.  A schedule of their lectures and simultaneous games is posted on our events page.

Mr. Yamashiro was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, was a disciple of Mr. Toshihiro Shimamura, and became a pro in 1972.  He became a 9-dan in 1985, and holds 16 titles. Four years ago, he won his 1000th victory as a pro.  He belongs to the Nagoya area Nihon Ki-in and is currently Vice President of the Nihon Ki-in.  He has also been the vice president of the Nihon Ki-in Professional Go Players Assn.

Ms. Shinkai was a disciple of Mr. Kaoru Iwamoto 9p, the benefactor of the Seattle Go Center.  She was born in Tokyo,  became a pro in 1971, and a 5-dan in 1998.  She holds 2 titles, and belongs to the Tokyo Nihon Ki-in.  She is inventor of the new game “Cacomo”.