SGC Covid FAQ and Recommendations

Are we currently open?
As of March 1st 2022, we have reopened.

Is it safe to play go face-to-face?
No activity is without risk. Playing face to face games has different levels of risk depending on safety precautions and risk factors. If it’s with someone who is fully vaccinated and with whom you are already living, the risk is less vs someone that may not be vaccinated and you rarely see. 

We do have a number of safety guidelines in place to lower the risk and make sure everyone is protected.

Why are we so careful?
Given the nature of our activity being two people from different spheres meeting once to twice a week to play across each other for upwards of an hour breathing on each other, we consider the activity high risk. We also have members with different levels of vulnerability. Because we consider our activity high risk and because we do have vulnerable members, we tend toward being more cautious.

Do we require proof of vaccination for our players?
Yes: we require proof of our members to be fully vaccinated to play in person, using the CDC guidelines of what fully vaccinated is. Showing a photo/QR code of your vaccination card is a valid proof of Vaccination.

Would we recommend getting the boaster?
Although we don’t currently require it, we encourage everyone that can get the boaster. Note: a booster is not fully effective for two weeks after the shot. We recommend getting it BEFORE the CDC changes the definition of fully vaccinated to include the booster.

Do we require players to wear masks for face-to-face games?
When people are indoors, we require a KN95 or N95 mask to lower the risk of transmission. This is even more the case for those playing Go inside. Depending on the weather, we do provide a board outside for those who would rather play without a mask either for personal or health reasons (with health reasons being a greater priority).  

Do we allow for cloth masks?
Currently no. Due to the increased transmissibility of omicron, we have changed our standard of mask to the K95 or N95. We will provide K95 at the front desk and encourage you to use them any time you are at risk of getting/spreading Covid.

Do we allow food?
Currently we do not allow people to eat indoors. This is to avoid air transmission as much as possible. Depending on the weather, we do allow our members to eat outside on our deck.

Do we provide hand sanitizer?
We provide free hand sanitizer for each table. We also strongly encourage our people to wash their hands and use sanitizer to help minimize the transmission of germs.

Do we wash stones and/or boards and bowls?
Not more than we did before Covid. The biggest and main risk is air transmission. CDC guidelines indicate that touch transmission is very low.

Will we host in person tournaments?
Currently we plan to host in person tournaments again when we reopen. We will still require all the precautions as above. Tournaments tend to run for 5-6 hours, so have a plan to find a place to eat or something you can eat outside the SGC and have a proper mask.

Are we doing any events/outreach?
We are currently not doing any in person events/outreach though we are discussing the possibility to. We want to make sure it’s the right time and event with a low risk factor when we do. We are also looking into doing more remote events and trying to expand our online presences.