Advanced GO! April 2019

Yue Zhang offers a series of classes to accelerate the learning of players ranging from 9 kyu to 6 dan in strength.

Classes meet most Thursday evenings, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, at the Go Center. This is planned to be an ongoing series. (April 18 and April 25 cancelled — join us when class resumes May 2, 2019.)

Yue’s novel instruction includes whole-class lectures, group games, and AI-assisted game reviews. Compared to traditional teaching which emphasize whole-class lectures, the Advanced Go Class series will focus more on individualized instruction, offered during the games and game reviews.

7 players wait at their Go boards as 1 player walks from board to board.
Yue Zhang teaching Advanced Go Class

Yue’s individualized form of teaching is suitable for players rated from 9 kyu up to 6 dan. These sessions are designed to help you climb your learning curve more rapidly.


Yue (Vincent) Zhang
  • $25 per two-hours session (includes Go Center admission); or
  • $20 per session for Youth (17 and younger), Quarterly, Yearly, and Lifetime members.
  • Partial scholarships ($15 per session) are available! We don’t want cost to be an obstacle for any player willing to dig deep and improve. Talk to Mike (the programs manager) for details.

Because of the class structure, it works best with at least four students. Please complete the registration form below to choose your dates and sign up. Sessions that don’t have at least four players registered by Monday evening may be canceled — so, bring a friend!

About Yue Zhang: Currently rated 7 dan in the AGA, Yue placed 1st in the 2016 Seattle Anniversary Open and the 2018 Spring Open. Yue holds a PhD from Ohio State University, and he has extensive college teaching experience.