Introducing our New Operations Manager

rules and simultaneous depth in strategy and style of play, it soon became a passion to introduce the game to others. After his tour of service Derek returned to California, where he would later graduate with a B.A. in English from CSU, Fresno in 2020. There, he worked to become a point of contact for existing players and those interested in learning the game, and for a time, ran a small local club.

Derek is a new arrival to Seattle, having moved here with his wife, Cassandra, who recently began a new administrative position at Seattle Central. In his free time, Derek enjoys games in general, reading, the sciences, crafting/DIY, and visiting museums and other institutions for the arts. He is currently reading from the 2002 Norwegian Book Club 100 Best Books of All Time (Bokklubben World Library), and is looking forward to developing his skills as a writer.

Please welcome Derek!