Clubs & Meet-ups

Other Places to Play Go in the Area

You can find places to play Go in the U.S. at the AGA site .

Disclaimer: Seattle Go Center helps promote Go meetups as part of our mission, but not all meetups are run by SGC. Most are run by volunteers trying to create Go spaces for those who are too distant from SGC to regularly attend. We expect the meetups to be respectful, cordial, and to follow SGC’s Code of Conduct. However, SGC is not liable for any actions or events, and we hope if there are issues, someone would inform us. SGC is not required to list meetups here. We do require a personal contact email and phone number for organizers.


The Zoka Group meets at Zoka Coffee (2200 N 56th St #6204) on Mondays 9am-12pm. They also meet Fridays online on KGS in the Seattle Go Center room.

Everett meetup organizes on discord and meets at Artisan Books and Coffee at 4pm.


SGC meetup at Stoup Brewery Cap Hill hosted by David Glekel at 7pm.

South Sound Go Club meetup at 3722 N 26th St, Tacoma, WA from 4:45 – 7:30 ( Discord and OGS ).

Columbia City meetup is a Bananas Grill (4556 Martin Luther King Jr Way S #2151, Seattle, WA) from 5-8pm. We need a co-host also to help Lusha. If you can help host, please contact Lusha here. They coordinate hosting and announcements in this discord channel.


Seattle Central Go Club meetup at Phoenix Comics and Games (Cap Hill) hosted by Derek McGuire at 7pm.


SGC meetup at Crossroads Mall (in the food court near the library) hosted by Emma and Jay from 2-5pm.


Any places and times listed here are based on the latest information sent to us. Please send additions and corrections to the Managers at the Seattle Go Center ( Managers ).