Advanced Go Class June-July 2018

Yue Zhang offers a series of classes to accelerate the learning of players 9 kyu through 6 dan.

Classes will meet twice a week for 4 weeks, Wednesday and Sunday evenings, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, at the Go Center, beginning June 20, 2018 and ending July 18, 2018. Attend all 8 sessions for the most efficient learning (and the most favorable pricing).

Yue’s relatively novel classes will be composed of whole-class lectures, games, and game reviews. Compared to traditional teaching which emphasize whole-class lectures, the Advanced Go Class series will focus more on individualized instruction, which will be offered during the games and game reviews.

Yue’s individualized form of teaching is suitable for all players ranked single digit kyu up to 6 dan. It is expected that the students who graduate from the 4-week class series will advance significantly during the upcoming Go Congress, or another series of rated tournaments.

Register for the whole series of 8 classes: $200
Register for one or more classes separately: $35/class (select the classes with the form below)

Yue hopes to have at least six players sign up.  If you register for the whole series and, after the first class, find that it’s not for you, Yue is generously offering to refund the tuition, as long as you withdraw before the second class (June 24).

About Yue Zhang: Currently rated 7.8 in the AGA, Yue placed 1st in the 2016 Seattle Anniversary Open and the 2018 Spring Open. Yue holds a PhD from Ohio State University, and he has extensive college teaching experience.