Ho Son wins Seattle Top Go Players’ Tournament

Ho Son won the first competition of the Seattle Top Go Player’s Tournament on April 7, 2013.  Edward Kim and Chan Jeong tied for 2nd place.  The deciding game between Mr. Son 7d and Mr. Kim 7d was played late on Sunday afternoon, and is posted below.

TD Sonny Cho gives Space Needle trophy to Ho Son

The round robin tournament took place on the first Sundays of February, March and April at the Seattle Go Center, and had 8 players.  Mr. Son won a cash prize of $250, and a trophy topped by the Seattle Space Needle with titles in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

A second competition is planned for the first Sundays of May, June and July 2013.  All strong players are welcome to join in.  The fee is $50 for the whole competition, plus visitor fees of $3.50/day for players who are not voting members of the Go Center.  For more information, please contact the Tournament Director, Sonny Cho, at this email, or Brian Allen, the Go Center Manager.


Tournament Details

The results of the tournament are posted here.  Two games from the final day were recorded by Dennis Wheeler and are posted just below.  You should be able to replay these games in your browser: just click the arrows. The first game is the deciding match between Ho Son (white) and Edward Kim, which Mr. Son won by resignation.