Sasaki Tadashi 8P

Sasaki Smiling srgbSasaki Tadashi on the Great Wheel croppedThe Seattle Go Center mourns the loss of their friend Sasaki Tadashi, an 8 dan professional with the Nihon Ki-in.  Mr. Sasaki often traveled to the United States for the U.S. Go Congress.  He was a strong supporter of the Seattle Go Center, and he a gave an excellent workshop here in 2011.  Mr. Sasaki loved to hike, and he encouraged us to enjoy our wonderful mountain trails. Photos by Brian Allen, 2013

We Teach at Summer Camps

Bel Red Student 2014This July, Brian Allen and Sonny Cho taught Wei Qi at the Bel Red Bilingual Academy Summer School.  We had 24 students for 4 mornings.  Many of the students were very young, going into kindergarten and 1st grade this fall, but they were good students and caught on quickly.  The Go Center also taught a class for the summer camp organized by the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW).  This August, we will be teaching at the Feminist Karate Union summer camp.

Happy Birthday Go Seigen 吳清源 !

Go Seigen Birthday Cake 379

On Wednesday night, we had cake in honor of Go Seigen’s 100th birthday, with the slogan “Go Go Seigen”.  Considered the greatest player of the 20th Century, Go Seigen (吳清源)  is still playing and studying Go in Japan. Go Seigen was a 12 year old prodigy living in China when our benefactor, Kaoru Iwamoto, first played him. From what we’ve read, Iwamoto Sensei may have been the first Japanese professional to play Go Seigen.  By the time he was 14, Go Seigen was already of professional strength, and he moved to Japan from China to study and play Go.  There is a good summary of his long life at Sensei’s Library.

Tokyo Go Workshop Aug 26 – Sept 4

The Nihon Ki-in has organized a Go workshop in Tokyo for adults and college students from August 26 – Sept 4. This is for players 10 kyu and stronger, and it is designed for non-Japanese players. It includes cultural tours, instruction from pros, and participation in a large amateur tournament. The prices look very reasonable, especially for Tokyo. For more information, please visit:


Cherry Blossom Outreach April 26-27

We are continuing our outreach at the Cherry Blossom Festival this Saturday and Sunday, April 26 & 27.  The Festival is at Seattle Center, and we now on the main floor of the Armory (formerly known as the Center House).  We are near the Starbucks, but you cannot see us from Starbucks, because we are on the other side of a red curtain.  We welcome more volunteer teachers.  You can also borrow equipment from us, and play a game in the food court area.  We will be teaching from 10 – 6 on both days.

Room 305 at Sakura Con 2014

Sakura Con weekend is almost here! We will be doing outreach, and playing teaching games at this incredible gathering devoted to Japanese anime and popular culture. We will be in room 305 of the Washington State Convention Center (downtown on Pike St near 6th Ave). This is the same room as last year – just go up the escalator to  the third floor and turn left. You do not need a convention pass to reach us.

Our official hours are: Friday, April 19, 10 am to 8 pm; Saturday April 20, 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday April 21 10 am to 4 pm. We will probably stay open later on Friday and Saturday evening.

We have a 13×13 Tournament on Sunday, starting at 10:00. Everybody can play, but the prizes are reserved for the regular Sakura Con attendees.


Beginner-Friendly Youth Tournament Sat March 29

We will be having a beginner-friendly Youth Go Tournament on Saturday, March 29, from 2-5 p.m. at the Seattle Go Center. There will be prizes for all: books, donated equipment and fun little things. This tournament is not AGA rated, and it is free. Advance registration is not required, but please send me an email if you think you will be coming.

This will be for all players under 18, but we expect that most of the participants will be grade school aged. Students will compete by grade group: k-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. The default board size will be 13×13, but if both players agree, it can be 19×19. If students play 19×19, the games will be fast by adult standards — 30 minutes to a side.

If you are new to the Go Center, our directions page has useful information on parking and transportation options in the area. [ Read more... ]

Meetup at Crossroads Bellevue a Success

We are continuing our meet-up for playing Go at the Crossroads Bellevue Shopping Center on Thursdays from 5:30-8:00 pm.   Last week, Feb. 20,  we had 8 players, from beginner to 6 dan. We meet in the Game Lane, inside the Crossroads common area, in front of Uncle’s Games and the KCLS Library (near the giant chess board).  Brian Allen will be there for the first two weeks, and Sonny Cho will be providing free instruction.  We will provide equipment.

Eastside Meet-up Thursday Evenings

We are going to try a regular meet-up for playing Go at the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue on Thursdays from 5:30-8:00 pm for the next 6 weeks, starting Feb. 20.   We will meet in the Game Lane, inside the Crossroads common area, in front of Uncle’s Games and the KCLS Library (near the giant chess board).  Brian Allen will be there for the first two weeks, and we will provide equipment.  Go Center volunteer Thane W. will be there on a regular basis. [ Read more... ]

Ratings Tournament this Sunday Feb 2

Chicken wings and quiet Go games

We will be having our regular Monthly Ratings Tournament this Sunday, Feb. 2, with registration from 12:15 – 12:45. I have asked around, and I think we will have a good crowd for our quiet games, even though some of our members will be going to Super Bowl parties. Deborah will be bringing chicken wings to the Go Center, and playing in the tournament. We encourage other pot luck donations, such as nachos and guacamole. Kimbap is another good choice; that is what Lee Sedol had for lunch when he won the first game of his jubango with Gu Li.

If you plan to play in the Ratings Tournament, please make sure your AGA (American Go Association) membership is up to date.  If you need help updating your membership, please come early.