Fourth Annual Pair Go Tournament

pair-go-publicity-facebookJoin us for this great holiday event, with two rounds of Pair Go.  Ten dollars general admission, five dollars for voting members and youth (under 18).  We will be following International Pair Go Rules.  Each pair must be of different gender, of any age.  Registration will be from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. on the day of the tournament, Saturday, December 10; we will finish around 10 p.m.  This is not an official Pair Go competition, so formal dress is encouraged, but not required.  Remember, no moxibustion! (Check the rules.)

Nihon Ki-in Chairman visits Nick Sibicky Class

mr-hiroaki-dan-gives-a-greeting-to-youtube-audienceThe Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nihon Ki-in, Mr. Hiroaki Dan, gives a greeting in Japanese at the beginning of Nick Sibicky’s Oct. 10 lecture.  Mr. Dan was in the United States on personal business, and he enjoyed a one day layover in Seattle.  He spent the afternoon and evening with Seattle Go Center board members, and attended the beginning of Nick Sibicky’s class, which was on Go Seigen.  Nick has posted the lecture on YouTube (Lecture #223).  Later, while enjoying Dungeness crab, Mr. Dan said he was impressed with the quality and amount of teaching done by volunteers at the Seattle Go Center.  report/photo by Brian Allen.

Closed Due To Bad Weather Sat Oct 15

The Seattle Go Center will be closed on Saturday, Oct 15, due to the bad weather predicted.  We are particularly concerned that high winds will cause problems for travelers.  Keep Safe!

Donate To Our Go Board Relining Project

Before refinishing and relining, and after (two different boards)

Before refinishing and relining, and after (two different boards from the same group)

Over the last 21 years, we have worn down most of our original 2″ table boards, which are made from an excellent wood, yellow cedar.  We are now getting them refinished and relined in Japan by the same firm that the Nihon Ki-in uses.  The first 3 boards are now back from Japan, and they look great.  For more information about this project, and to help with a donation, please visit our board relining page.

Increased Hours in September

Snapback from Janice Kim, Vol. 1

Snapback from Janice Kim, Vol. 1

Now that it is fall, the Seattle Go Center will open at 2:00 p.m. Thursdays.  Lucy will usually be your host in the afternoon.  She is also available to teach beginners. Thursday evenings will continue to have classes for complete beginners with Larry Eclipse.  Other players are welcome on Thursdays evenings as well.

The Single Digit Kyu class returns on Wednesday evenings, from 7-9 p.m. with Peter Nelson and Andrew Jackson.  This is our more advanced class, for players 9 kyu and stronger.  Many of these classes are recorded on Youtube, so you can be part of the live audience. Peter Nelson also has game analysis at longstridebaduk.

The Double Digit Kyu class,  will start up October Sept 19 with guest teacher Jonathan Cheng.  Nick Sibicky will return Oct. 3.

Tuesdays Are Big For Little Players

we have verbal permission from familes to publish

Playing Go in the Tatami Room

We have five young players coming to the Go Center on Tuesdays in the early evening.  All of them will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  This is a great age for one-on-one learning of the game.  Many of the parents play Go, and they are rotating the pairings so that the children get a variety of opponents.  We also have three grade school students and two high school students coming on Tuesdays.  Our recent Tuesday attendance has been over 40 players, ranging from beginner to about 4 dan.  We also have children coming on Saturday afternoons.

Another Epic Battle for YouTube

Andrew and Nick on a Tuesday NightInstructors Andrew Jackson (left) and Nick Sibicky (right) will be playing a friendly but intense game during Nick’s DDK class on Monday, June 27, starting at 6:30 p.m.   This will be Nick’s last Double Digit Kyu Player class for the summer, but he will probably be teaching again in the fall.  During July, we will have guest instructors Brian Kirby, Jonathan (Chin Jung) Chen and Maeda Ryo 6P.  There will be no classes on July 4, and in August.  Nick’s lectures are recorded and posted on YouTube.  Many of Andrew’s Single Digit Kyu Player classes are posted here.

Best Times for Beginners

We are ready to teach complete beginners informally on Tuesdays from 3 – 9 PM, and on Saturdays from 1 – 5 PM.   We also have the Beginners Class on Thursday evening, starting at 6:30, with Larry Eclipse.

Beginners on Tuesdays and Saturdays don’t need an appointment, and we arrange individual or small group lessons with volunteers who are ready to teach when you walk in.  This spring, we have about 25 – 40  players coming sometime on Tuesdays, including about 4 children.  Saturdays are smaller, about 20 players, but we have volunteers available to teach then as well.  The day manager, usually Dennis Wheeler 7K,  is also available to teach beginners from 1-5 PM.

If you prefer to learn in a class setting, we recommend the Thursday evening class for those who are starting out.  Complete beginners can start at any time. This is also a good night for more advanced beginners, so if Thursdays are good for you, come on by.

Sibicky to do AlphaGo – Lee Sedol Pregame Lesson

In advance of the 5th game of the Google AlphaGo – Lee Sedol match,  Nick Sibicky will devote his Monday March 14 SDK Class to the first 4 games of the match.  (AlphaGo won the first 3 games, while Sedol won the last one.)  We look forward to Nick’s extra-special lesson at 6:30 pm.  [ Read more… ]