McDonald 2018

Updated Sept. 16, 2018

McDonald International School Go Club

Fall Session 2018 – Thursdays

144 NE 54th Street, Seattle, WA 98105

This fall, we will have at least two teachers and a maximum of 16 students, as usual, to insure that students get individualized instruction.    The fall session begins Oct. 11, and runs until Jan 10, 2019 with a vacation breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We meet students in the cafeteria, right after class, at 2:35 p.m. Parents or Guardians should pick up their students from Keiko Ishikawa’s classroom, Room 105, at 4:05 p.m, if the students are not going to another after school activity.

For students in grades 1-5. $97 fee ($10 fee for free and reduced lunch students)

Instructors: Brian Allen, Seattle Go Center Manager, Ben Resnick, a private tutor, and Peter Kron, a Go Center volunteer.

19th Century Game - Shusaku adjsmallWe play the ancient Asian board game of Go in this club. Go is a strategy game that is fun for both beginner and expert. We start out with small boards and simple instructions, and progress to the full territory-based game in a few classes. Since the game is easily handicapped, beginning players and weak players have an even chance of winning against more experienced and stronger players. This keeps the game fun for all.

The class will be conducted in English. This club is organized by the nonprofit Seattle Go Center, which offers a variety of classes and events. You can find more information about the Seattle Go Center at

If you have questions about the McDonald Go club, please send an email to this address: manager, or phone Brian Allen at 206 632-1122.

Registration for this session is through the McDonald PTA.  Please go to their after school page to register.