Updated October 6, 2017

We are ready to teach complete beginners informally on Tuesdays from 3 – 9 PM, and on Saturdays from 1 – 5 PM.   Our Beginners Class  is on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00 PM, and it is ongoing this fall.  All this instruction is free!

Beginners on Tuesdays and Saturdays don’t need an appointment, and we arrange individual or small group lessons with volunteers who are ready to teach when you walk in.  This fall, we have about 30 – 50  players coming sometime on Tuesdays, including about 6 children.  Saturdays are smaller, about 15 – 20 players, but we have volunteers available to teach then as well.  The day manager, usually Dennis Wheeler 7K,  is also available to teach beginners from 1-5 PM, as well as John Richards.

If beginners prefer to learn in a class setting, we recommend the Thursday evening “Complete Beginner’s Class” for those who are starting out.  Students can start at any time. This is also a good night for more advanced beginners, so if Thursdays are good for you, come on by. The class is taught by Larry Eclipse, and it is ongoing this year.

Some of our teachers with visiting professional Go player Myungwan Kim 9P

Some of our teachers with visiting professional Go player Myungwan Kim 9P

If you already play on a 19×19 board, and can finish a game, but are not a strong player, then the “Double Digit Kyu Player” class on Mondays is a good choice  (20 kyu – 10 kyu players).   This class meets from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.   The first class in the fall is on Sept 11, 2017.  Our instructor, Nick Sibicky 4d, usually gives a one hour lecture, and then there is time for a game or go problems afterwards.    You can see past lectures on YouTube by following this link. They are watched world wide.

There is another class for players in a similar range, 15 kyu – 10 kyu, on Thursdays, from 6:30 – 8:30.  This is the “Breaking Into Single Digit Kyu” class, taught by Jonathan Cheng.  This class started up in August, and emphasizes game reviews.  The class usually has about 10 students.

If you are in the 10 kyu to 1 kyu range, and working towards being a dan level player,  then we recommend the Wednesday Night group, which will start October 11, 2017.  This is more a study group than a class led by an expert.  The group will probably be meeting every other week so check our events page for the schedule.

Problems for SDK Class

Problems for SDK Class

Your first 10 visits are free (including these lessons). Youth visits under 18 are always free.

Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons are also good for advanced beginner and intermediate players (“kyu players”) who are looking for teaching games with stronger players, or games with players at their own strength. On Tuesday evenings we have 30 – 50 players visit us, so that everybody can find a game to suit their needs. We generally have fresh baked bread and take out pizza available on Tuesday evenings, too.  Saturdays are smaller, but it is easy to find a game then as well.


Nick Sibicky teaching the DDK Class on Mondays

Paid Private Instruction

Paid private Go lessons are now available at the Seattle Go Center at times when we are not open to the public. We will continue our extensive program of free group lessons on other days. Private lessons are great if you want to commit to an individualized program of instruction. Our teachers are well qualified for the levels they teach, and they are committed to finding effective ways to improve your game.

Yue (Vincent) Zhang is available to teach strong players, both adults and children, in either Chinese or English.  Yue is an AGA 7 dan, who won our Anniversary Tournament in 2016.   He has also done very well in international tournaments, placing 2nd in the 17th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament (2012), and in the top 8 in the 21th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament (2017), among other accomplishments.  In addition, Yue is a paleontologist with a PhD from Ohio State University, and he has extensive college teaching experience.  His specialty is early mammals, but he knows a lot about dinosaurs too.

Cullen Mott has taught a number of Double Digit Kyu classes at the Go Center, and has  provided individual lessons on Thursdays.  He is currently playing at a 2 dan level, and he is open to teaching adults and children from beginner to 4 kyu.  Cullen is willing to write up a lesson plan with homework for students with a specific goal, such as gaining two ranks.  He is also open to more impromptu lessons for students who don’t have the time for rigorous study.

Peter Nelson 5d is available to teach single digit kyu players and low dan players. He prefers students who are junior high school age or older. You can see his “Go personality” in these youtubes.

John Richards 7k specializes in teaching children (age 5 – 10), but he is available to all ages who are beginners or double digit kyu players on Tuesdays before 1 pm, and Saturdays.

Larry Eclipse 6k is available to teach beginners up to 15 kyu.  His schedule is pretty flexible.  He prefers to teach older children and adults.

The instructors will be establishing the fees for their instruction, but the minimum charge is $20/hr. The Go Center will be not be open to the public during private instruction times. Parents (or guardians) of children under 16 having lessons at the Go Center must stay with their child during the lesson, unless there are two other adults present during the lesson. (Yes, we have wi-fi and a couch.) If you are interested in private Go lessons, you may contact the instructors directly, or you may contact the General Manager, Brian Allen, at 206 632-1122, or by email.

Yue (Vincent) Zhang

You can use Paypal for your Private Lesson Payments!

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Advanced players (dan players) can often find games on Saturday afternoons, especially in the late afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon and evenings we always have players up to 3 dan; we often have 6 dans with us.   You may phone us at 206 545-1424 to see which teachers are available

Workshops by visiting professionals. Please check our Events Calendar page to see if any workshops are currently scheduled.