Weekly Schedule


Open to public on
tournament days only.

Children’s Tournament March 12  More info: manager

Monday DDK Class 6:30 – 8:30 pm

with Nick Sibicky


new meetup at Hurry Curry  5:30 – 8:00

Tuesday 1- 10 pm

The largest weekly meeting of Go players in North America

Our priority is teaching beginners and intermediate players for free between 3 – 9 p.m., but everybody can find a game.


Wednesday Class 7-9 pm

SDK Class with Peter Nelson


Free beginner’s lessons and meet-up at Uwajimaya Seattle


Thursday 2 – 9 pm

Class for Complete Beginners at 6:30 – 9:00

  New students are welcome — walk in.   With Larry Eclipse


Meet-up at Crossroads Bellevue 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Friday  closed

Saturday 1 – 7 pm

Good day for a game — all levels, but not as big as Tuesday.  Instruction for beginners.






Visit us at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Instructors John Richards (right) and Dan Top (rear right) in 2016

Instructors John Richards (right) and Dan Top (rear right) in 2016

We will be teaching and sharing the game of Go at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center on Friday, April 21, Saturday, and Sunday.  We are in our regular place in the Loft of the Armory (one floor up from the food court).  The Cherry Blossom Festival extends to several other buildings as well.  If you are new to Seattle, please note that we are down at the Seattle Center (under the Space Needle), not at our building, which is the Seattle Go Center.  The Go Center will be open regular hours on Saturday, as well.

The Festival is free, with many events and performances, but parking is expensive.  So if you can walk, bike or bus, you will save some money.  We have a core of volunteers scheduled already, but I expect we can use more teachers midday on Saturday and Sunday.  This will also allow teachers to take some time off, and check out the rest of the festival.

We will be open 10 – 6 on Friday, 10 – 6 on Saturday, and 10 – 5 on Sunday.  Here is the festival schedule:


We hope to see you there!


No pass needed to visit us at Sakura Con

Last year's trophy for the Sunday 13x13 Tournament. Photo by Dennis Wheeler

Last year’s trophy for the Sunday 13×13 Tournament. Photo by Dennis Wheeler

This weekend, April 14 – 16, we will be at Sakura Con, sharing the game of Go with anime and manga fans.  We are in the same room as last year,  Room 305 of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.  Remember that you do not need a ticket or pass to reach us.  We are outside the gates of the restricted area.   Just go up the escalator, and take a left on the third floor.

Pro Bian Wenkai visits from Nihon Ki-in.

Bian Wenkai (on right) with Go Club instructor Ben Resnick

Bian Wenkai (on right) with instructor Ben Resnick

Bian Wenkai 2P, a young pro from the Nihon Ki-in, visited the Seattle Go Center from March 23 to March 28.  Originally from Shanghai, Mr. Bian is fluent in Japanese and Chinese, and also speaks some English.  A friendly and generous teacher, Bian Sensei visited the McDonald International School Go Club, the Zoka Coffeehouse group, and played against a team of players at Nick Sibicky’s  DDK Class at the Seattle Go Center.  He gave a lecture on Sunday afternoon, and he also played simultaneous games four times at the Go Center. Forty-nine people visited the Go Center on the Tuesday, when Bian Wenkai was there.  Report and photos by Brian Allen

Playing simul games on Tuesday

Playing simul games on Tuesday

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